Chicago COVID-19 Hardship and Help Page


UPDATE: We have closed submissions to this fundraiser. For now, you can still choose a hardship and donate. We will be taking down the spreadsheet July 1, 2020. Many thanks to everyone who has donated. 

The Chicago COVID-19 Hardship and Help page was created by Chicago organizers Kelly Hayes and Delia Galindo to offer a simple way for people in the Chicago area to ask others for assistance during this crisis. Whether you are a parent whose income has dried up, a struggling freelancer, or enduring any other financial strife during this crisis, please feel free to share your story and ask for whatever financial help you need. To post a request, you can fill out this form. We know not everyone will get the help they ask for, but we want people to have the opportunity to ask, and also the opportunity to help. 

If you are financially secure and want to help someone whose livelihood has been impacted by this crisis, please pick a hardship to address and donate. 

We ask that people use our update form to indicate when they have received assistance. Promptly indicating that your request has been fulfilled will allow someone else to get the assistance they need. It will take solidarity to make this thing work. We hope you will participate in that spirit.

This list is not vetted. We do not have the capacity to confirm everyone’s stories nor do we wish to intrude on people’s lives. Since we are not vetting these requests, there is a chance that someone will post an ask that is not framed honestly. We believe helping people during this difficult time is worth the risk. 

We are not facilitating the fulfillment of any of these requests. We are simply creating a platform to allow people who have unmet needs to connect with people who have resources. We hope you find this platform helpful. 

Note: As of this update (4/16/2020), over $69,000 in aid has been distributed. There are over 4,000 hardships currently listed.

Request form

Update form (when your need has been met)

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