Gifts That Tear Down Walls

Artistic expression has always played a pivotal role in the creation of liberation spaces. Movement artwork takes many forms, from signage and photography to songs of freedom. Art that transforms sparks empathy and connectedness between those who comprehend struggle, those who would like to, and even those who would rather not. It breeds change where it must begin – behind the walls we build around ourselves to stay sane in a harsh world. That’s why, on this day that holds meaning for many, I want to share with you several pieces from young resistors in Chicago that have been released this week. I believe they are both fine works of art, and important tools for transformation. Each of these young people is both an artist and an activist that I have stood with this year, and I ask, with love, that you join me in lifting up their voices today.

Photo: Sarah Jane Rhee

For Being Black – David Ellis (Wes)

Photo: Sarah Jane Rhee

How Many More – Ethos

Photo: Kelly Hayes

If I Was White – Ric Wilson

Photo: Kelly Hayes
Photo: Kelly Hayes

Can You Imagine? – Ash Frost

Whatever you believe, and where ever this holiday finds you, I wish you joy and love today, and peace in the new year. And if you pray with your feet, raise your voice for change, or lift up the struggles and voices of others, I thank you, and look forward to standing with you in 2015.

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