Building Together: Why Chicago Light Brigade Needs Your Help

From "For Our Fallen" - a tribute to those we lost to violence in 2014, and a protest against police brutality. (Photo: Sarah Jane Rhee)
From our “For Our Fallen” event in December. The program and light display were a tribute to those we lost to violence in 2014 and a protest against police brutality. (Photo: Sarah Jane Rhee)

We’ve accomplished some beautiful things together in the last year, and 2015 appears to hold even more promise for our radical community. We have big dreams, and with your help, we believe we can make them a reality. To move forward with those plans, we need your support. Today is the last day of our winter fundraiser, as we need to lock down our commitments for the coming months, so I wanted to take this opportunity to explain why getting some help from our community today is so important.

Some of our hopes for this year include:

– The launch of the radical education project. Working in concert with We Charge Genocide and other supportive allies, we will soon begin staging a series of advanced trainings to prepare young organizers for skill sharing efforts in their communities. Highly skilled trainers will be brought in to hold workshops in prop making, nonviolent direct action, and other topics of interest. This project will require a community asset map and significant funding to bring in trainers and secure supplies. The goal is to spread advanced skills far and wide and eventually build a radical education infrastructure in our communities.

– Repairing our damaged equipment and acquiring new tools to create complex light actions and other creative displays for protests around the city. In rain, snow, and high winds, we protest (with some expensive equipment in tow), and that means a lot of maintenance. We also want to continue to expand our creative options. This requires financial support from the community.

– Covering transportation costs. Transportation of equipment has been one of the most unpredictably difficult elements of our work. We need to be able to get our props from point A to point B, cover parking costs, and cover any citations our drivers get for doing their good work. We also spent a great deal last year on getting young people travel assistance to attend our youth nonviolent direct action trainings. This year, thanks to a generous member of our group, we should have steady use of a truck, but we will also be responsible for all costs associated with our use of that vehicle.

We are not a 501(c)(3) organization and we do not have a steady list of funders. We tend to raise money project by project, but in this case, we are asking for support to lift up a series of projects in the coming months. As a grass roots organization, we are only as strong as your support. So, please be a part of this work, and help us bring in the funds we need in the next ten hours.

We are very grateful for your love and support, and as ever, we’ll see you in the streets.

(Photo: Minku / @MinkuMedia)
(Photo: Minku / @MinkuMedia)

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