The People’s Removal Trial Followup Materials

This Movement Kills Fascism
Image: Mugsie Pike

We want to thank everyone who came out today for The People’s Removal Trial of Donald Trump. We promised you all resources and follow-up materials, so here they are! Whether you wanted to donate to support reproductive care in Puerto Rico, register to vote in Illinois, support efforts to fight voter suppression, or get more engaged with one of the issues we discussed today, you should be able to find what you need below. 

Solidarity with Puerto Rico

As a show of solidarity with Puerto Rico, attendees collectively uplifted an ask for donations to fund supplies and travel for midwives who are providing care to pregnant people and people who’ve given birth in the emergency camps. If you would like to contribute to that effort, you can do so here.

Register to vote 

If you live in Illinois, you can register to vote here.

To support groups fighting voter suppression efforts:

The New Georgia Project

The New Georgia Project is a nonpartisan effort to register and civically engage voters in the state of Georgia, where voter suppression efforts have been rampant. 

Spread the Vote 

Spread the vote is a project that helps people get IDs to prevent voter ID laws from disqualifying voters.

Four Directions 

Four Directions is an organization that defends the voting rights of Native people. Four Directions has repeatedly mobilized to protect Native voters from Trump’s suppression efforts.

Community Organizing and Defense

Just a few suggestions from the organizers about groups to follow up with about trainings, events, or campaigns you might want to support.

Organizing Training Resources

Pilsen Alliance

“Pilsen Alliance is a social justice organization committed to developing grassroots leadership in Pilsen and neighboring working class, immigrant communities in Chicago’s Lower West Side. We work for quality public education, affordable housing, government accountability and healthy communities.”


SOUL’s mission is “to assist low-income people of color in the Chicago Southland to build power, then subsequently leverage that power to fight for their own interest and liberation.  SOUL partners with congregations, people of faith and local community groups, training them in disciplined organizing strategies, to build leadership, create public policy and foster legislation, engage in direction action, and hold their public officials accountable to the interest of their communities.”

Direct Action Training

Lifted Voices

Lifted Voices is a direct action-oriented collective that offers educational workshops on protest tactics and strategic planning.

Environmental Defense

Sunrise Movement — The Sunrise movement describes itself as a group of “ordinary young people who are scared about what the climate crisis means for the people and places we love. We are gathering in classrooms, living rooms, and worship halls across the country. Everyone has a role to play. Public opinion is already with us – if we unite by the millions we can turn this into political power and reclaim our democracy

LVEJO — “The mission of LVEJO is to organize with our community to accomplish environmental justice in Little Village and achieve the self-determination of immigrant, low-income, and working-class families.”

Rising Tide — “Rising Tide is an international, all-volunteer, grassroots network of groups and individuals who organize locally, promote community-based solutions to the climate crisis and take direct action to confront the root causes of climate change.”

PERRO — “PERRO stands for Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization. It is a grassroots community group of Pilsen residents that formed in 2004 to fight the disproportionate amount of pollution in the Pilsen neighborhood. PERRO believes all people have the right to live in a clean and healthy environment, regardless of their race and class.”

Chicago Asian Americans for Environmental Justice (CAAEJ) — CAAEJ is working at the intersection of Asian American and environmental justice issues.



Organized Communities Against Deportations (OCAD) is an undocumented-led group that organizes against deportations, detention, criminalization, and incarceration, of Black, brown, and immigrant communities in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Reproductive Justice Defense

Chicago Abortion Fund — The Chicago Abortion Fund (CAF) provides financial support to people needing assistance paying for an abortion.  We boldly affirm a person’s right to choose whether to parent or not and that right should not be determined because of age, race, marital status – and most importantly, economic status.

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